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'Today's Blue Light Special': 10-pound bag of pot

Police in Seattle are investigating how a large package of marijuana wound up being delivered to the stock room of a local Kmart store.

Police said the package -- 10 pounds of marijuana wrapped in garbage bags and encircled by packing peanuts and pages from a Korean newspaper soaked with cleaning fluid -- arrived at the store shortly after noon Monday.

Delivery information on the package shows it was originally to be shipped by UPS from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, police said, but it never made it to the City of Brotherly Love.

Instead, the return address was to a longstanding Kmart in the north end of Seattle.

Store employees called police, and the marijuana was placed into evidence.

“Today’s Blue Light Special: 10 Pounds of Weed,” quipped the Seattle PD’s blog headline announcing the marijuana’s seizure in an obvious joke on the chain's venerable in-store sales gimmick. A call to the Seattle Kmart's manager was not answered.

Though owning pot is legal in Washington state, that big of a stash wouldn’t appear to pass the legal sniff test.

Voter-approved Initiative 502 makes it legal for anyone 21 or over to possess up to only an ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of “solid marijuana-infused product” (pot brownies, cookies and such) or 72 ounces of “marijuana-infused liquid.”

Washington’s Liquor Control Board is working on rules to implement the state’s new recreational marijuana law and faces a Dec. 1 deadline.

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