Truck Suspect Rams Vehicles In Tucson Police Shooting, Pursuit

Truck suspect rams vehicles in Tucson police shooting, pursuit 0:31

A truck driver rammed more than a dozen other vehicles – including a cop car – as he fled from armed officers during a police shooting and pursuit in Tucson, Arizona.

Several bystanders were taken to hospitals with minor injuries after a string of collisions as the suspect tried to escape through a busy parking lot and a traffic intersection.

At least a dozen shots were fired and the suspect was seriously injured in the drama, which unfolded just before noon Friday, police said.

Some of the action was captured on cell phone video by onlookers and by traffic cameras, according to NBC affiliate KVOA.

The truck was wanted in connection to an ongoing felony investigation, the station reported.

When the vehicle was pulled over, the driver backed up and tried to flee.

“While this was occurring, officers from the original traffic stop were following the truck on foot,” police said in a statement. “Recognizing the driver continued to pose a threat to the safety of the citizens in the area, at least three officers discharged their weapons in an attempt to stop the truck. However, the driver of the truck continued.”

Police used a Taser to help capturer the driver, who was taken to a local area hospital and was listed in serious condition.