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Two men arrested in Oklahoma shooting that left five injured

Two men have been arrested after five people were injured when a gunman started shooting into a crowd at an Oklahoma festival on Saturday night, police said Sunday

Tulsa Police apprehended Boonmlee Lee, 21, and Meng Lee, 19 after a police helicopter reported a suspicious vehicle with its lights off near the Green Country Event Center, where 300-400 people had congregated for the celebration of the Hmong New Year, according to the Tulsa Police Department. The Hmong are an Asian ethnic group mainly from Laos.

The suspect on the passenger side of the vehicle tried to throw a black sweatshirt and gun out of the car and was changing his clothes when cops stopped them, said the Tulsa Police Department.

Both of the suspects face five counts of shooting with the intent to kill, possession of a firearm and possession of firearm commission felony first offense, according to Oklahoma NBC affiliate KJRH.

Police said two men were shot in their torsos and three were shot in their arms and legs. Each of the victims was transported to a local hospital but their identities have not yet been released.

Police Capt. Mike Williams told The Associated Press on Saturday that one victim was in critical condition and another may lose a leg.