University of South Carolina Student Suspended for Picture Showing Racist Word

South Carolina Student Suspended For Alleged Racist Slur 1:34

A University of South Carolina student was suspended Friday after a photo of her writing a racial slur on a white board circulated on social media.

The unnamed student in the image appears to be writing a list of "reasons why USC (University of South Carolina) WiFi blows." The first word on the list is the N-word.

University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides said in a statement Friday that the list had been made in a study room. He said the student was suspended, and school officials would investigate the incident.

"Racist and uncivil rhetoric have no place at the University of South Carolina," Pastides said.

Student Grace Steptoe told NBC affiliate WIS that she felt the same way. "I think it's a horrible representation of the school. It's not even a funny joke, so I don't even understand why she would do that," she said.

South Carolina's NAACP chapter said the photo reinvigorated their fight for "dignity, justice and equality." "It is disappointing but no longer shocking to see a college student following what appears to be a growing trend in our state and nation," said the chapter's president, Lonnie Randolph Jr.



— Elisha Fieldstadt