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#VaccinesWork: Hillary Clinton Wades Into Vaccinations Debate

Hillary Clinton waded into the debate over vaccines, distancing herself from potential Republican president candidates.
Image: BESTPIX - Hillary Clinton Addresses Cookstoves Future Summit On Indoor Pollution
Hillary Rodham Clinton attends a summit in New York in November 2014.Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Hillary Clinton waded into the debate over vaccines late Monday, distancing herself from potential Republican presidential candidates by posting a message on Twitter that made clear her stance on the hot-button issue.

Clinton's Twitter post — which backed up comments from President Barack Obama in an interview with NBC News — came after comments from Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who told CNBC on Monday that a parent's choice not to vaccinate a child is "an issue of freedom" and that parents "should have some input" into whether or not their children must get them.

Also Monday, Gov. Chris Christie said that parents should have "a measure of choice" in whether children are vaccinated. The New Jersey governor, who -- like Paul -- is considering a 2016 run, later issued a statement clarifying that he believes that "there is no question" that children should be vaccinated for diseases like measles.


— Cassandra Vinograd and Carrie Dann