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Video shows Denver driver plowing through crowd, hitting two pedestrians

Police are still looking for the driver of the silver-colored sedan that sped through the crowd early Sunday.

A motorist plowed through a crowded Denver street corner Sunday, sending two pedestrians flying, in a disturbing scene caught on tape.

The driver of a silver-colored sedan appeared to be at a standstill on Market Street near 20th Street, in the city's LoDo entertainment district, just a block away from Coors Field, at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Officers came to that block to clear out an "excited crowd," Denver police Division Chief Ron Thomas told reporters Monday.

It appeared officers at the scene had control of the situation when, all of a sudden, the sedan's driver floored it, producing the sound of screeching tires, hitting two people and sending them flying into the air and onto the pavement.

The car, with its left passenger door flying open, made a quick left on 20th and sped away, as gasping, horrified witnesses rushed to help the two injured pedestrians.

"What we later learned is that within that crowd, there are individuals who are trying to pry the door open of a vehicle to try to get to people inside that vehicle," Thomas said. "That vehicle then leaves the area at a high rate of speed, striking two individuals."

While police know the license plate and the owner of the car, there had been no arrests as of 1:30 p.m. MT.

Thomas suggested that the driver and other passengers in that sedan might have mitigating circumstances.

"It’d probably be helpful to our investigation if that person would turn themselves in and allow us to further investigate," Thomas said.

The two victims were taken to local hospitals but were not seriously hurt, police said.