Video Shows Passengers Boo as Woman Booted From American Airlines Flight

Passengers Boo as Woman Kicked Off American Airlines Flight 1:08

An Oregon woman says she was booted from an American Airlines flight for no good reason as other passengers hollered and booed.

The moment was captured on cellphone video on Sunday. The footage shows Tiana Fough, 27, sobbing and pleading with a flight attendant to let her stay on a Phoenix-to-Portland flight, NBC affiliate KPNX reported.

"He was so mean to me," Fough says in the clip, apparently referring to the flight attendant. "I didn't even do anything."

"I'm sorry," the flight attendant responds, "I have to have you come off the aircraft."

"Are you serious?" Fough asks before getting up.

IMAGE: A flight attendant orders Tiana Fough off an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland on Oct. 11, 2015.
A flight attendant orders Tiana Fough off an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland on Oct. 11, 2015.

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The mother of two, who was headed home from a vacation, later told KPNX that she had no clue what she had done at the time. She said a flight attendant had told her to stop in her place as she boarded the plane, but she didn't hear him.

"I look over, and [the] flight attendant says, 'I asked you three times to stay right there,' and I'm like, oh my gosh," she told the station on Wednesday.

"He comes closer and says, 'I can just kick you off this plane right now and you can just get on the next flight,'" Fough added.

The situation escalated, she said, when she asked for his name because he wasn't wearing a name tag. He then told her it was none of her business before she walked over to her seat, she added. That's when another flight attendant came to kick her off — and the rest was caught on camera.

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"I need you to come off. If you don't come off I'm going to have to call the officers," the attendant says as the other passengers loudly jeer.

After the clip was uploaded online and went viral, American Airlines said in a statement that it has apologized to the passenger. "We have addressed the issue with our team members to ensure we provide a consistent, quality travel experience for our customers in the future," the airlines added.

Fough was given a $250 voucher — although the flight cost her $360, she said.

In the end, she was thankful the other fliers rallied by her side.

"People were just like, 'It's going to be OK. We got your back,'" she said, "and that's just such a blessing."