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Virginia teen gets stuck in washing machine during game of hide-and-seek

“I mean it’s pretty embarrassing, but all I can do is laugh it off," the 18-year-old said.

A Virginia teen is having a good laugh after a poor decision during a family game of hide-and-seek required a fire department rescue.

Image: Amari Dancy, Woman stuck in washing machine
Amari Dancy, 18, takes a selfie.Courtesy Amari Dancy

“We already had hid underneath the bed, in the closet, and we couldn't go down into the basement,” Amari Dancy, 18, said. "So, I was like ‘Oh, OK, let's just hide in the washer machine.”

Dancy was playing with younger relatives Sunday when she got stuck in the appliance. A cousin found her and alerted other adults, who then called for help.

The Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue arrived to Woodbridge, Virginia, home about 11 p.m. April 19.

“So the fire department came in and introduced themselves and then asked her name and what happened,” said Suni Dancy, Amari’s aunt who documented the rescue effort on Instagram. “She said, ‘Well, I was playing hide-and-seek,’ and he said, ‘Well, did you win?’”

First responders were able to remove the top of the washing machine and make enough space to pull Amari out without injury, according to her aunt.

“I was really worried to see if they were going to get me out or not,” the teen said. “Once they figured out what to do ... I just felt relieved. I just wanted to be out of there.”

Suni Dancy said her relatives found the situation funny. “She doesn’t even normally play with the younger kids,” Suni Dancy said.

Once she made it out of the laundry machine, Amari Dancy was able to see the humor in her predicament as well.

“I mean it’s pretty embarrassing, but all I can do is laugh it off,” she said. “I had a laugh out of it, my family had a laugh out of it, I'm OK. As long as I'm OK, that's all that matters to me.”