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Washington state man arrested for threatening Obama had arsenal

A Washington state man arrested for allegedly e-mailing death threats to President Barack Obama has been charged with threats against the president and assault of federal officer.

Anton Caluori, 31, appeared in federal court Wednesday. He was taken into custody at his apartment Tuesday by the U.S. Secret Service and Federal Way police.

The U.S. attorney's office reported Caluori threatened to kill President Obama in an email sent to a general purpose FBI address.

The Secret Service says Coluori wrote the following to the FBI on Tuesday: "I will kill the president. I don't give a f*** but you know that."

He also gave his address in the vulgar email, challenging them to "get here now."

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The message was intercepted and police tracked his location to make an arrest.

Documents say that when Caluori opened the door of the apartment in Federal Way, Wash., he shares with his mother, he was wearing a bandoleer filled with 12-gauge shotgun shells around his torso; attached to the bandoleer was a large knife. He was wearing a revolver in an ankle holster.

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His right hand was out of view, and when the Secret Service agent and Federal Way police officer repeatedly told Caluori to show them his hands, he moved his right hand from behind his back, revealing a "stockless, pump-action shotgun with pistol grip."

Caluori raised the shotgun, pointing it at the agent and officer, who were able to wrestle him to the ground.

When he was asked if there was anything in the house that would hurt officers, Caluori replied, “There are things inside that go boom.”

The apartment complex was swept by the bomb squad, but nothing was found.

Documents say inside the apartment police found a laptop computer that was powered on and displaying the e-mail address the threatening e-mail came from.

Documents say also found in the home:

  • Draco stockless AK-47-type rifle and eight 40-round magazines loaded with ammunition
  • Loaded Desert Eagle .45 caliber pistol with two loaded magazines.
  • Bushmaster AR-15-type rifle with Burris scope, with what appeared to be a loaded 100-round drum magazine and 14 30-round magazines, eight of which were loaded with ammunition
  • Bucket containing about 50 additional 12-gauge shotgun shells
  • Box of 200 rounds of ammunition for the AR-15 rifle
  • Five boxes of ammunition for the AK-47

"The Department of Justice takes all threats against the president seriously, especially in this case, with an individual who had the ammunition to act on those threats," Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Masada said.

Caluori's defense attorney has requested a mental evaluation for her client, who could face up to five years for the threat to the president and 20 years in prison for raising his weapon on the two officers.

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