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Watch 2nd-grade girl's adamant plea on theft of her 'perfect attendance pencil'

A Texas mom posted video of her daughter fuming over the theft of her special pencil. It has had over 144,000 views on Instagram and more than 344,000 on Twitter.

At one point or another, we’ve all been wronged by a schoolmate. But not all of us have had our absolutely perfect and hilarious diatribe about it go viral like one little girl in Texas.

Tabitha Garcia posted video of her second-grade daughter, Taylor, fuming that a girl in her class stole her pencil.

With the level of sass one might expect from a burgeoning Disney Channel star or stand-up comedian, Taylor stomps her feet and wags her finger in anger as she recounts how “Lizzie” stole her pink, perfect attendance pencil from the communal pencil-sharpening bin.

“I went to get my pencil, and guess what I saw?” she asked furiously. “Nothing but yellow, plain old pencils! I couldn’t find my perfect attendance pencil.”

She added that she knew Lizzie had it but absolutely hadn’t earned it since she’d been in Canada.

Lizzie, Taylor said, refused to give it back to her despite other classmates stepping in to remind the fellow second-grader that she, in fact, HAD been in Canada and therefore did not have perfect attendance.

“I told the teacher and she didn’t do anything,” Taylor lamented to her mom in the video. “She never changes even a thing, it was just the same thing.”

Her mom reminded her “it’s just a pencil” at the end of the video, which only seemed to set her off more.

“It’s a perfect attendance pencil!” she shouted, stomping her tiny sneakers on the floor.

Despite her mom’s reassurance that in the future they’d sharpen the pencil at home, the internet was ready to take down this Lizzie who had allegedly stolen the pink pencil in question.

“lol on GOD lizzie get on the phone and call ya daddy we about to get it jumpin up here,” @CoachCousin tweeted.

“If somebody ever takes my child’s perfect attendance pencil which SHE earned cuz she didn’t even go to Canada, the entire school getting shut down,” @emme_tweets posted.

Another person said they were ready to go to war over this pencil, tweeting a GIF of a woman saying “I came here to fight, I’m gonna be honest,” with the caption “Me showing up to the school asking for Lizzie.”

For what it’s worth, in the comments of Garcia’s Instagram post, it appeared Walmart was trying to send Taylor some pencils. Regardless, will someone please make Lizzie give her the original one back? She got it for perfect attendance!

Taylor's mom didn't respond to TODAY's requests for comment, but we'll keep you posted on "PencilGate" should she get back to us.