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Mattress mayhem: Watch airbeds fly as wind gust hits outdoor 'Bed Cinema'

The mattresses had been set up in a Denver neighborhood for an outdoor movie event.

A strong gust of wind almost sidelined an outdoor movie night in Colorado when dozens of air mattresses that had been set up for the event went flying.

Video shows the mattresses tumbling across the grass in the Denver neighborhood of Stapleton and over a fence into a pool area. Several people are seen chasing after the mattresses trying to catch them.

More than 150 mattresses briefly took flight during the wind gust, according to NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver. They had been set for the four-night "Bed Cinema," an outdoor event that ran Thursday to Sunday.

Robb Manes, who was at the pool, told The Denver Post that he tried to help catch some of the mattresses.

“We were just sitting in the pool and all of a sudden, two mattresses flew in. At first, it was confusing," he said. “Although we felt really bad for the event people, we thought it was absolutely hilarious."