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Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino wed on Friday, less than a year after they were both injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.Miranda Leitsinger / NBC News

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Nearly one year after they were seriously injured in the Boston Marathon attack, Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino wed on Friday on a 19th-century estate in North Carolina, cheered on by dozens of wellwishers and following many tough months of recovery.

The bride slowly walked down the aisle using a special crutch for her left leg, which may soon be amputated due to the severity of her wounds. She was guided by her father, Tim, and son Noah, 6, down a bed of pink- and yellow-hued rose petals to her awaiting groom (who wore a black suit and sneakers).

Sniffles were heard throughout the short ceremony, though the crowd laughed when the officiant asked Rebekah if she would take DiMartino as her husband: "Absolutely!" she replied.

The couple was at Boston’s iconic road race, waiting to see DiMartino’s mother cross the finish line, when two bombs blasted through the crowd on April 15. Though they’d only known each other about a year, the attack made them realize how short life can be, Rebekah says, and DiMartino, 29, proposed in October.

“We really appreciate each other so much more. I’ve fallen deeper in love with Pete every single day,” Rebekah (now Mrs. DiMartino), 26, recently told NBC News.

The couple’s big day was in many ways organized by everyday Americans voting via wedding planning website, Fans selected Rebekah’s dress (Sophia Moncelli), the location (Biltmore Estate) and their rings.

Cheers erupted as the newly-wedded couple walked down the aisle, with DiMartino supporting Rebekah. Though they have more recovery ahead, their parents believe better days are coming.

“I think their future's brighter than it's ever been,” Tim Gregory said recently. “I really do.”