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'Where's Lightfoot' memes show Chicago mayor guarding city

She's at the beach, she's at The Bean and she's even in your deep dish pizza.
Image: Lori Lightfoot
Lori Lightfoot at the Wintrust Arena on May 20, 2019 in Chicago, Ill.Scott Olson / Getty Images

Like many mayors and governors across the country, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants residents in her city and state to stay home to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

In fact, she's been so adamant about it that Chicagoans have started having fun with "Where's Lightfoot" memes, showing the mayor enforcing her message across the city

She's at the beach, she's at The Bean and she's even in your deep dish pizza. Oh, and she didn't forget to monitor the homes of people who even consider going outside.

Lightfoot, 57, a Democrat who took office last year, said she's getting a kick out of the memes and has even "acted out" some in her home, NBC Chicago reported.

"I think that this is a really difficult time and people are afraid, stress levels are high. And like in any difficult time I think we've gotta have a sense of balance, and humor is a big part of it," Lightfoot said Monday. "Despite the dire circumstances, we can also see the lighter side of life, what makes us a vibrant and interesting and creative community. So I love them."

Lightfoot on Monday posted her own lighthearted PSA, again reminding people not to go out.

The memes began on the day Lightfoot shut down Chicago's lakefront, the Chicago Riverwalk and the city's 606 Trail last week.

She did it in response to people who were still gathering even though a statewide stay-at-home order started on March 21.

"Your conduct is posing a direct threat to our public health," she said "Stay at home."