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White woman calls police on black man after his dog 'assaults' hers

"You heard of Barbecue Becky cause this is the newest one, right here," Franklin Baxley said. "I bet if I was white you wouldn’t have called the cops."
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A black man said a white woman called 911 on him at a Massachusetts park because his dog had "assaulted" hers.

"Your dog keeps humping my dog and assaults him," a woman on a phone told the man, Franklin Baxley, who posted several videos on Facebook Wednesday of the incident at Attleboro Dog Park.

"My dog’s assaulting your dog, do you listen to yourself?" Baxley answered, adding that after he separated the dogs, the woman asked him to leave the park.

The woman on the phone then accused Baxley of "verbally assaulting" her.

Another woman intervened and accused Baxley of breaking the rules. Neither woman has been identified.

"I know the rules," Baxley said. "I’ve seen every single dog hump another dog here."

"You heard of Barbecue Becky cause this is the newest one, right here," Baxley added. "I bet if I was white you wouldn’t have called the cops."

Image: Franklin Baxley
Franklin Baxley with one of his dogs.Franklin Baxley

Baxley continued to film to which the woman not on the phone reacted: "I love this video stuff, like everybody cares."

An officer did show up and was quick to warn Baxley that his running car is "actually a motor vehicle citation."

Baxley said he didn't know that and would shut it off, and tried to explain what had happened.

"She told me to leave the park because my dog assaulted the dog by humping him. That’s where we’re at, sir," Baxley said.

Baxley added that he was accused of threatening the woman who called police after he stood next to her to explain that his dog was just being a dog.

"Don't do that, sir. Don't do that to people," the officer told him. That could be considered as an assault because even though you didn’t touch the person, but you’re like that close."

The officer then turned his attention to the woman who had called police.

"I don’t know why he’s doing this. It’s really annoying," the woman told the officer.

"Oh, I’m used to it though," the officer responded.

Baxley told NBC News that after "comforting" the woman, the officer threatened to ticket him for his running car.

Requests for comment from the Attleboro Police Department were not returned.

Baxley decided to take his two dogs and leave because he didn't want to be ticketed "or worse," he said.

Dozens of incidents of white people calling police or threatening to call police on black people who were going about their business were reported last year.

Recently, a mixed-race couple was having professional photos taken of their 11-month-old daughter in an upscale Houston neighborhood when a white woman angrily demanded they get off a patch of grass. She unleashed her dog and yelled at their photographer for bringing “these” people into “her” neighborhood.