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Wild video shows Las Vegas jewelry store shootout with armed robbers

"He had me face down in the vault with a gun to my head," the store owner said. "I thought this is my last moment."
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Wild video footage shows the moment a man being hailed as a hero shot and killed an armed suspect after two gunmen stormed into a Las Vegas jewelry store.

The shootout happened in December at John Fish Jewelers, but the owners withheld releasing surveillance video of the incident until this week when they learned police had arrested the second suspect.

In the video, two armed robbers dressed in black and wearing masks storm inside the store just before closing time.

One of the suspects takes the store's owner, John Fish, into a safe as the other suspect forces Fish's brother, Steven, and an unidentified customer down to the floor before handcuffing them.

Image: John Fish Jewelers
Surveillance video from John Fish Jewelers shows the armed robbery that left one suspect dead and the other in custody.Courtesy of John Fish Jewelers

"He had me face down in the vault with a gun to my head," Fish told NBC Las Vegas. "I thought this is my last moment."

Fish's wife, who was also in the store, sees the robbery unfolding and goes to get help from a man named Pedro Torres, who is a concealed carry gun owner, according to the outlet.

The video shows Torres run to the front of the store where the second suspect has Steven and the customer held at gunpoint. When the suspected gunman spots Torres, the man starts shooting. Torres immediately returns fire and ducks to the ground as bullets whiz past him.

More than two dozen shots were fired, according to NBC Las Vegas, and smoke from the gunbattle filled the front of the store.

Torres was shot three times, but survived.

The suspect who had Steven and the customer held at gunpoint was shot during the exchange and died at the store. The other suspect fled, but was recently arrested.

The identity of the two suspected robbers was not immediately clear, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did not yet return NBC News' request for comment.

"I think God is very, very big," Torres said. "Saved my life."