Wisconsin Couple Busted For Letting 9-Year-Old Drive

A Wisconsin couple is accused of using a 9-year-old girl as their designated driver.

That revelation emerged after Jason Roth and Amanda Eggert both pleaded not guilty in Polk County Circuit Court on Friday to felony charges of recklessly endangering safety and neglecting a child, officials confirmed.

Roth and Eggert got into trouble on Jan. 30 when police, responding to reports of an "erratic driver" on a rural road, found the couple's pickup truck at a boat launch along the Apple River — and the woman's daughter behind the wheel, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

There was also a year-old baby strapped into a car seat, according to the newspaper.

"Both the male and female were quite intoxicated," court papers obtained by NBC News state, referring to Roth and Eggert. "They were both having a difficult time keeping their balance and were slurring their words."

Eggert was evidently in no mood to cooperate with investigators.

"What did I f-----g do?" the furious mom asked after she was arrested, the papers state.

Told that it's a crime to make a 9-year-old drive, Eggert replied: "So, they used to in the 1950s."

Eggert also allegedly battled the ambulance crew that took her to the hospital to tend to a deep cut on her hand that she said she suffered while "snowmobiling."

"Amanda was swearing at them and 'swung' at them but they had her under control," the court papers state. "Amanda was yelling at the nurses and the doctors who were trying to examine her hand."

Eggert is also charged with disorderly conduct and battery to an EMT and a firefighter.

The kids are reportedly staying with relatives.