Wisconsin District Attorney to Release Tony Robinson Death Investigation Findings This Week

A district attorney in Wisconsin will release findings Tuesday from the more than two-month long investigation into the shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer.

"I am hereby giving 48 hours' notice on my decision on the Tony Robinson officer involved shooting," Dane County District Attorney Ismael R. Ozanne said in a statement.

The fatal shooting of Robinson, 19, on March 7 by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny sparked peaceful but emotional protests in the city.

Kenny, 45, shot Robinson after the two got into a confrontation when Kenny was responding to reports of a battery at a residence, according to police. The Dane County Medical Examiner found that Robinson was shot in the head, torso and upper body.

The District Attorney's office at the end of March released hundreds of pages of reports detailing Kenny and Robinson's history.

Kenny also fatally shot a suspect in 2007, according to the documentation and police reports at that time. He was cleared of any wrongdoing because the suspect was "pointing a very realistic-looking facsimile firearm at police effectively compelled officers to resort to deadly force," the former Dane County District Attorney said in a statement.

Robinson's family has previously said that they trust investigators to deliver an accurate and thorough report of the shooting. "We want to know the facts of the matter and nothing else," said Robinson's uncle, Turin Carter, in March. "We don't want our biases involved," he said.

Wisconsin Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Teen Raises 2:06


— Elisha Fieldstadt