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Wisconsin Manhunt: Suspect's Letter to Trump Warned of System of Greed

Portions of a 161-page letter written to Trump by a Wisconsin man who is believed to be armed talk about a system of greed, and called for action.
Image: A surveillance still shows Joseph Jakubowski, who police in Wisconsin are on the hunt for.
A surveillance still shows Joseph Jakubowski, who is being sought by police in Wisconsin.Rock County Sheriff's Office

The suspected fugitive who authorities say mailed a conspiracy-laced manifesto to President Donald Trump wrote he was not afraid of his own death — and that if he were to die he wants it to be at the hands of the president on live TV.

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, is accused of stealing 18 firearms and two suppressors from the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 4 after mailing a 161-page manifesto to Trump.

A portion of the document authorities believe Jakubowski wrote before going on the run was obtained by NBC affiliate WTMJ of Milwaukee on Wednesday. WTMJ said a law enforcement official close to the investigation confirmed to them that the excerpt was an authentic portion of the letter.

NBC News has not independently verified the document.

In parts of the incomplete document— the handwritten portion starts at page 93 and every other page is missing — Jakubowski allegedly rants about a system of greed that he says dooms the populace to slavery and has destroyed his dreams.

A surveillance still shows Joseph Jakubowski, who is being sought by police in Wisconsin.Rock County Sheriff's Office

The document doesn’t say exactly what action the author will take: While it at one point calls police and the military terrorists, the author also says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone unless forced to do so.

Towards the end of the obtained document, the author says he is not afraid to die, and says he would choose his death to be carried out by the president, on live television.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore said at a press conference Thursday afternoon that Jakubowki has "concerns" with President Trump in the manifesto.

"I mean it was mailed to President Trump, although there is not a specific threat, but beyond that there is nobody named in the document," he said.

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The partial document also calls religion a form of manipulation and says the health care industry puts profits over patients.

WTMJ said the law enforcement official could not confirm to them if the portion of the document they obtained was the same version mailed to Trump, as the suspect may have written several versions.

NBC News has not independently verified the document, but the Rock County Sheriff's Office said in a statement Wednesday that "investigators believe that the media obtained a partial copy of the document Jakubowski mailed to President Trump."

Authorities added that the partial copy was not provided by law enforcement and they would not be releasing the full document at this time.

Moore told reporters later Thursday that authorities had not taken the time to compare the obtained copy to the document they were analyzing, in order to not take away resources form their own investigation.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden added that they believed Jakubowski may have sent out other copies of the document before sending the original manifesto to the White House.

"We just don't know the exact number," he said.

Spoden told NBC News on Tuesday that the mailed manifesto had reached Washington, D.C., a few days prior and that it was being analyzed by federal and local authorities. Law enforcement also had a copy of the screed after it was turned over by an associate of Jakubowski.

Police have said they want to find Jakubowski over fears he may be planning an attack of some kind. Authorities believe he also has body armor and a helmet, in addition to the firearms.

In a video posted online showing Jakubowski mailing the document to Trump, he says: "Revolution. It's time for change." His burned out vehicle was found a short time later.

Security at some churches and government offices was increased as the search continues. The FBI has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Authorities warn that Jakubowski should be considered armed and dangerous. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that more than 700 tips have been received so far.