Wisconsin Police Find Diamond Ring While Taking Down Christmas Tree

A police department in Wisconsin found an interesting "ornament" on its Christmas tree over the weekend — a diamond wedding ring. They'd now like to know how the precious stone ended up there. Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell wrote in a Facebook post that the ring "appeared to be internationally placed on a branch" on the Christmas tree in the lobby of the department, which is located about 20 miles north of Milwaukee. Howell later explained that the department had allowed Germantown residents to come by the station with their kids and help decorate the tree in exchange for a stuffed animal.

The ring's diamonds are real, Hoell said, adding that it was being kept in a safe spot. "If anyone can shed a little light on this mystery, I would appreciate it," Hoell said. If someone wishes to claim the ring, they should be prepared to provide a detailed description — or better yet, a photo of the owner wearing it, he added.

— Elisha Fieldstadt