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Woman's Epic Anti-Trump Twitter Rant Goes Viral

Donald Trump wasn’t the only one venting his frustrations on Twitter early Sunday morning.
Image: President-elect Donald Trump
President-elect Donald Trump walks off his plane upon arrival in Indianapolis on Dec. 1. Mike Segar / Reuters

Donald Trump wasn’t the only one venting his frustrations on Twitter early Sunday morning.

The president-elect once-again attacked the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, calling the comedy show "unwatchable," despite appearing to set aside time each week to critique the show himself.

But one woman was not having any of it.

Danielle Muscato — who describes herself as an atheist, civil rights activist, musician and trans woman — immediately launched into Trump via tweet replies, attacking the president-elect for tweeting about frivolities instead of focusing on the lives of the Americans he now represents.

“You are the president-elect,” she tweeted. “Pick your f---ing battles man. You are embarrassing yourself.”

Muscato’s first tweet was liked more than 30,000 times — but she was nowhere close to finished.

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Over the course of two hours, Muscato unleashed a fiery tirade against Trump, with some 30 separate tweets in all.

The rant immediately went viral.

Muscato has built a career on speaking out, but her rant late Saturday seemed to have earned her a wider audience — 50,000 new followers, to be exact — to whom she tweeted "Thank you all for your support. Let's use the platform for GOOD."

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In all, her tweets were liked more than 200,000 times, but not everyone was amused by her venting at the president-to-be.

"This is how you get on a terrorist watch-list," one user posted. "Just stop the crap and just grow the hell up," said another.

Ultimately, Muscato called for decent Americans to take a stand against the racism, homophobia and bigotry that has flared since Trump’s election.