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Woman seen in video abandoning toddler on doorstep of Texas home

A man claiming to be the child's father said the woman dropped the boy off at a neighbor's house instead of his.

Police have identified a Texas woman who was seen on video ditching a 2-year-old boy on a doorstep before hopping into a vehicle and speeding away.

A woman at a home in Spring, Texas, called 911 around 9:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday saying she found the young boy standing at her door. The woman told the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that someone rang her doorbell several times and knocked on her door before leaving.

She said by the time she reached her front door, the person was gone leaving the child behind.

Video from the residence shows the woman running up to the house holding the little boy in the air by his arm. The woman, who appears to be smiling, rings the doorbell several times, knocks on the door and then runs back towards the street.

She also left two bags she was carrying on the woman's doorstep before she drove off in a white vehicle, officials said.

The sheriff's office said the child was uninjured and appears to be in good health. Child Protective Services responded to the scene and took the little boy in custody.

Lt. Scott Spencer said during a press conference Thursday that the father of the child was located and said he received a text from the child's mother saying that a friend would drop the little boy off at his house on Wednesday afternoon.

When the boy was not dropped off, the father assumed plans had changed and left the home for the night. The father said the woman in the video is a friend and dropped the child off at a neighbor's house instead of his.

Spencer said the child's mother was in the hospital and released Thursday morning. Authorities have identified the woman and say she could face a felony child abandonment charge.