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Woman Stung by Scorpion on Alaska Airlines Jet: 'It Happened So Quickly'

Annie Simone was strapped in her seat on a Portland, Oregon-bound flight Saturday when she says a scorpion stung her middle finger.

The Alaska Airlines passenger attacked by a stealthy scorpion on a Portland-bound flight on Saturday night is still feeling the sting. Annie Simone told NBC affiliate KGW that she was stung on her right middle finger, which became swollen and numb and required immediate medical attention. "It was definitely a burn/sting feeling," she told the station. "It all just happened so quickly." The flight was preparing to depart from Los Angeles International Airport when the creepy crawler suddenly appeared on Simone's skirt.

An Alaska Airlines spokesman couldn't say how the scorpion even got on the plane, which had earlier arrived from Los Cabos, Mexico. Simone got off the flight before it departed so that paramedics could check on her at the gate. But before getting off, she said she didn't hesitate to kill the venomous arachnid. Among the other passengers on the plane were also members of Oregon State University's men's and women's basketball teams. Player Sara Zaragoza said she witnessed the surreal moment when Simone stomped on the scorpion — and sent other passengers scurrying from their seats.



— Erik Ortiz