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Woman sues Chuck E. Cheese after allegedly getting hair caught in ticket machine

The civil complaint filed in Portland said the pizza and entertainment chain "failed to use reasonable care in ... its ticket counting machine."

A woman is suing Chuck E. Cheese, claiming that her hair got caught for 20 minutes in a ticket-counting machine at one of the pizza and entertainment chain's locations in Oregon.

The incident happened on Dec. 8 at a Chuck E. Cheese at 9120 SE Powell Blvd. in Portland, about seven miles east of downtown, according to the lawsuit filed by Ashreana Scott against Texas-based CEC Entertainment.

Scott's hair was caught in a machine that counts ticket that are redeemed for prizes.

The ordeal lasted for 20 minutes "until defendant’s employee was finally able to get it out, causing plaintiff injuries including pain, discomfort, distress, and headaches," according to the complaint filed on Monday by Scott's lawyer, Michael Fuller.

"Defendant failed to use reasonable care in the design and layout of its ticket counting machine to ensure that guests like plaintiff would not get their hair caught in the machine," Fuller added.

"Defendant failed to use reasonable care in the training and supervision of its employees to ensure that guests like plaintiff would be promptly freed, should their hair get caught in defendant’s ticket counting machine."

Chuck E. Cheese told Scott to reach out to its insurance company, but insurers refused to pay, leaving Scott with "no choice but to file this complaint," according to Fuller.

The lawsuit did not name the amount of money Scott is seeking.

A spokeswoman for CEC Entertainment told NBC News on Wednesday: "We cannot comment on active litigation."