Woman Survives Major Diving Mishap With Only a Minor Injury

Woman survives diving mishap with minor injury 0:32

The bad news: A woman's high-dive disaster has been posted on YouTube for all the world to see. The good news: She's OK. In a July 12 YouTube video that has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, the unidentified bikini-clad woman at Lava Hot Springs Water Park in Idaho approaches the edge of a high platform, preparing to jump. But she appears to get spooked when a man behind her in line runs off the edge next to her just as she is about to take her plunge. She desperately grabs hold of the high-dive railing, but it's too late: She slips off the high-dive, belly-flops onto the platform beneath it, and then somersaults into the water below, arms and legs splayed out. Despite tumbling about 20 feet, she manages to swim out of the water with only a hurt pinky.

Lava Hot Springs Water Park's website boasts it has springboards at heights of five, seven and 10 meters, "making this a diver's paradise."


— Elizabeth Chuck