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Wrong turn leads to baby born on side of highway

Mother Chantelle Legrand with baby Alani Evelyn Mars.
Mother Chantelle Legrand with baby Alani Evelyn

A baby was born on the side of a highway on New York's Long Island Thursday, after the expectant father took a wrong turn on the way to hospital.

The couple was driving on the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway when they realized they were not going to make it to the hospital in time.

“I said the baby’s coming, the baby’s coming she’s right there," Chantelle Legrand, the mother, told NBC 4 New York. "We pulled over and called 911. And soon as I got out the car, paramedics took me out the car, I had the baby in the ambulance.”

Alani Evelyn Mars, the 8-pound-baby girl, was born healthy. She is the couple’s third child. Legrand says the birth of Alani was the easiest of the three, though Alani's father might disagree.

“I was really, really nervous and scared. I can’t describe how it felt. It was really, really very nerve racking,” Alani's father, Gregory Mars, said.

The entire family is doing well.