Video compilation captures the daring, the dangerous, the dogs

If you're a fan of wasting time while watching other people do fun stuff, you'll want check out this video compilation of some of the Internet's more daring types.

We like to think we see just about everything that warrants "viral" status when it comes to web video, but YouTube user Zapatou proves just how much is out there with his third Best of Web mash-up. Snippets of 280 videos are pulled together and edited in fancy fashion with dancy dubstep music.

The compilation serves as a vivid examination of how crazy and how silly we can be as a helmet-cammed species. And how much we love animals. Especially ones on their hind legs.

And the video is loaded with real-life tips. Your parking garage is flooded? You're gonna want to wakeboard through that. Gotta get down off that mountain? Better use a unicycle. Skydiving or flying or driving way too fast? Hope you're sponsored by Red Bull.

In his YouTube profile, Zapatou says, "I really love to discover other people. I'm the kind of person who thinks that you can grow up from other people's experience. I have an unconditional passion for video editing, because by this medium I can share my emotions, my feeling to my audiences. By this medium, I can get you into my world."

If you really want to kill some time, links to the original versions of all 280 videos can be found here.

And when you're done with that, get outside and pet a shark or something.

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