Viral video breakdancing star, just 6, unaware of her fame

She's just 6, but the British breakdancer known as B-Girl Terra saw her video fly around the world last week, as footage of her competing in a French competition went viral and earned millions of views

Baby-faced breakdancing sensation, just 6 0:37

"She doesn't really understand how big it all is," Gavin Vincent, of Terra's dance crew, Soul Mavericks, told TODAY. "Here in the U.K., her popularity is growing. She has done some local news things but hasn't been on TV shows yet.

B-Girl Terra, who keeps her real name private, is from Wolverhampton, England, and is the youngest member of Soul Mavericks, a London-based troupe of about 16 members who range in age from Terra's 6 to 32.

"She has been dancing since she was 2 years old," Vincent told TODAY. "She just loves to dance. She has been a member of Soul Mavericks for about 18 months. She practices about 3 times a week for about 2-3 hours."

The video that made Terra internationally famous was the French competition Chelles Battle Pro, an annual event held in Chelles, France. Terra competed in the baby battle portion of the event, which includes children under 12. At 6, Terra was by far the youngest competitor, Vincent told TODAY, noting that the next-youngest child in the baby battle was 9.

B-Girl Terra in competition. Courtesy Soul Mavericks dance crew

Terra didn't win her battle with 11-year-old B-Boy Jalen, but as the video shows, the audience fell in love with the tiny girl in the gray track suit. She rolls and leaps to her feet, kicks and spins, and balances on her head as viewers go wild.

"She was definitely a crowd favorite," Vincent told TODAY, adding that Terra was told backstage that she was "France's sweetheart."

She became a social media sweetheart too. "If someday I have a daughter...PLEASE let this be her!!!" tweeted Michael Ashton.

Soul Mavericks, with B-Girl Terra front and center. Soul Mavericks

Terra herself wasn't too disappointed in her loss, and she's keeping it all in perspective. She posted Tuesday on her own Facebook page that "I made friends from battlin at France and Jstyles is one of them. Well done Jalen for win. I'm off to school now."

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