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Buffalo Gets First Snow, Smashes Record for Longest Time Without Any by Two Weeks

The snow-free streak in Buffalo ended with a mere 0.1 inch falling Friday around 7 p.m. at Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

A dusting of white powder in Buffalo, New York, on Friday night marked the longest the usually snowed-under city has made it into the year without snow since 1899 — a record smashed because of two balmy, flurry-free weeks.

The snow-free streak in Buffalo ended with a mere one-tenth inch falling around 7 p.m. ET at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, where records are tracked. That small accumulation was all the city needed since the National Weather Service considers that amount or more "measurable snow."

The last time the date for latest snow in Buffalo was changed in the record books was 116 years ago, when the city only made it to Dec. 3 without measurable snow.

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During an average season, the city would've had about 22 inches of snow so far, according to At this point last year, 30 inches already blanketed Buffalo after a snowstorm that dropped up to 7 feet of snow in surrounding regions.

Buffalo, along with a good portion of the Northeast, has just been too warm for falling flakes this year though.

The typical average mean in the city in December is usually 32 degrees, while this month the average mean has been 44 degrees, according to NBC affiliate WGRZ.

Buffalo has a good chance of breaking yet another record since the highest December mean temperature on the books is 37.6 degrees, and the city is expected to heat up again.

Next week, the mercury there will shoot up to the high 50s, meaning a white Christmas is probably out of the question. The holiday is forecast to be sunny with a high temperature of 46 degrees, according to