Nebraska Twisters: 5-Year-Old Victim’s Grandmother Mourns Loss

The mother of the 5-year-old girl killed after a pair of monstrous tornadoes ripped through a Nebraska farming village is in critical condition, according to a statement from the girl's grandmother. Kay Labenz, the grandmother, said her daughter Kandi Murphee was still in intensive care with head trauma and a broken leg Tuesday. She mourned the loss of her young granddaughter. "It breaks our hearts that our five-year-old angel Cali has left us. Cali's dream was to be a doctor and help people when she grew up. Maybe God has a job for her now."

At least two people died and 16 were critically injured when the twisters touched down almost simultaneously a mile apart on Monday.

Multiple Funnels Touch Down, Damaging Nebraska Town 2:34



— Daniel Arkin