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New England Set For Two More Snowstorms This Week, Forecasters Warn

With a record amount of snow on the ground, the city of Boston may soon be forced to dump excess snow into the harbor, which is normally off-limits.

Millions of snow-hammered people in the Northeast could be forgiven for thinking the worst was over with two dry days starting Tuesday — but two more storms were on the horizon, forecasters warned.

Boston and other parts of New England have been subjected to a relentless three weeks of snow, smashing meteorological records and crippling the transport infrastructure.

While Tuesday and Wednesday were expected to be largely dry, the next storm was already en route and expected to bring 5-8 inches of snow to coastal New England on Thursday, according to The Weather Channel.

Another storm was expected to hit the same area on Saturday night.

"This pattern has been locked in for three weeks at least," said Kevin Roth, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel. "It’s very rare to have three blockbuster storms in a row like this. There’s no end in sight, not this week at least."

Boston was still experiencing scattered flurries and there was steady snow off the Maine coast at 4 a.m. ET Tuesday. This was expected to clear up by midday.

Thursday's storm was already brewing in the Upper Midwest and was expected to dump 1-3 inches over the Great Lakes on Wednesday as it headed to New England — with Boston appearing in line for yet more snow.

The second storm, set to hit Valentine's Day, could travel up from as far south as New York and Washington, D.C., earlier in the day before hitting already-inundated Boston.

Roth said the storms were also expected to bring bitter temperatures, with the mercury expected to dip 15-35 degrees below average.