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No Snow for Buffalo: City Breaks Record Dating Back to 1899

Buffalo, New York, known for it's early arriving, long-lasting winters, broke a decades-long snowfall record Friday — for a lack of the white stuff.

Buffalo, New York, known for winters that arrive early and stay late, broke a decades-long snowfall record Friday — for a lack of snow.

The last time Buffalo made it through Dec. 3 without measurable snowfall — defined by the National Weather Service as at least 0.10 inches — was 1899, according to NBC affiliate WGRZ. And the city has never made it past that date within recorded history. Until now.

The actual date that is logged in the record books for 2015 will likely be much later than Dec. 4, since precipitation isn't in the city's forecast until late next week, and the low temperature will be a relatively balmy 38 degrees, according to

Buffalo just finished the fourth warmest November recorded, according to, and the city is joined by many cities in the Northeast, which have experienced a seemingly endless autumn.

The reason for the higher temperatures, which most of the country can also expect through the middle of December, is that the jet stream and all the chilly air it carries, remains far north in Canada, reported.

For Buffalo, in particular, the relief is likely welcome. The city, hunkered on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, kicked off the winter of 2014 with a lake-effect snowstorm that dumped 7 feet on the region.

Thomas Wisniewki digs his car out of snow following a massive snow storm in Buffalo, New York, Nov. 22, 2014.MARK BLINCH / Reuters