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Viral Video: Texas Flood Came Into Home 'Like a Freight Train'

The Perez family, who filmed dramatic footage of their holiday home being inundated by the Texas floods, have recounted the "terrifying" ordeal.

A dad who captured dramatic footage of his family's vacation rental home being inundated by the Texas floods recounted the "terrifying" moment a torrent of water gushed into the building.

"It was like a flood gate opened into your living room," Ernie Perez told NBC News, recalling the flood waters coming through the window of the property in Wimberly, Texas, on Saturday night.

Perez, whose wife, daughter, brother and sister-in-law were all in the house at the time, said the water was "pretty terrifying" and came in "as fast as a freight train."

His wife, Sarah Perez, added: "I was in shock, it was something that was crazy. It was very scary."

Texas has been battered by flooding during record rainfalls this month.