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Waiting for Dorian to hit, Floridians meme the time away

"Play the D Dorian Scale to pacify Hurricane Dorian" one Facebook event read, a tongue-in-cheek solution to stop the storm heading for Florida's eastern coast.
Image: Shoppers wait in line for supplies before sunrise ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Dorian in Kissimmee
Shoppers wait in line for a Sam's Club store to open before sunrise, as people rushed to buy supplies ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Dorian in Kissimmee, Florida, on Aug. 30, 2019.Gregg Newton / Reuters

As Floridians stare down Hurricane Dorian, they’re stocking up on groceries, getting gas, putting up hurricane shutters — and making memes.

Dorian strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane Friday evening, the National Hurricane Center said, and it is expected to approach the Florida coast Sunday and Monday. There is some uncertainty as to its exact path, but it will likely make 2019 the fourth consecutive year that Floridians have been hit by a hurricane. There was Michael last year, Irma in 2017 and Matthew in 2016.

At this point, some Floridians appear used to hurricanes, and are making memes to lighten the mood as they wait for Dorian to hit.

On the Florida-focused community on Reddit, Floridians joked about an interrupted Labor Day:

Floridians also posted on Facebook, making up tongue-in-cheek events about ways they could stop the storm.

"Play the D Dorian Scale to pacify Hurricane Dorian" one Facebook event read. Another, "Opening durian near hurricane dorian," suggested opening the pungent fruit to stop the hurricane.

In some memes, people joked about how Floridians aren't scared of hurricanes.

Grocery chain Publix, beloved in Florida, even made hurricane cakes that had "Go Away" written on them in frosting.

One cake even appeared to have an image of Dorian headed toward Florida.

As Dorian crawls across the Atlantic, and Floridians wait to see where it hits and how strong it will get, memes seem to be a good way to pass the time.