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La Tomatina 2014: Watch The Epic Spanish Tomato-Throwing Festival

In the Spanish town of Bunol near Valencia, thousands gather for what is billed as “the world’s biggest food fight.” Over 110 tons of tomatoes are thrown by revelers in this annual festival.

You say tomato. In Spain, they say tomate.

And in Bunol, Spain, it's time for the annual La Tomatina festival, the epic Iberian food fight that draws thousands of adventure-seekers and saucy Spaniards alike to partake in an hour of pulp-pelting, tomato-laced fun. It’s estimated that around 120,000 pounds of tomatoes (it's a fruit, not a vegetable) are tossed at this annual fiesta, which began in 1945.

Wish you were there? Grab a V8 and check out this year’s tomato-tossing action in the video above.

-Emily Christensen-Flowers and Lou Dubois