Monty Python Star Terry Gilliam Says He’s Not Dead

Terry Gilliam, a member of the zany Monty Python comedy troupe, has apologized to his fans "for being dead," after his passing was erroneously reported by Variety magazine.

Gilliam, also an Oscar-nominated director, said he was sorry for fans who had bought tickets to his upcoming event, "but, Variety has announced my demise. Don't believe their retraction and apology!"

Gilliam, 74, has public appearances scheduled in London and Glendale, California, and New York in October, according to his website, aimed at promoting his new book, "Gilliamesque: A Pre-Posthumous Memoir."

Variety, for its part, apologized via a tweet on Tuesday.

Here's a screengrab of the original tweet, via Toronto Sun editor Sean Fitzgerald.

The death-notice misfire brings to mind one of the most famous catchphrases from the 1975 movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" — "I'm not dead yet," from a scene that featured two of Gilliam's troupe buddies, Eric Idle and John Cleese.