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Python Recovering After Surgery to Remove BBQ Tongs

A python owner in Adelaide sought help for his snake after it swallowed a pair of tongs while he was feeding it a rat.
An x-ray shows tongs wedged inside a python.
An x-ray shows tongs wedged inside a python.University of Adelaide @uniofadelaide

A python in Australia got more than he bargained for when he swallowed the tongs his owner was using to feed him a rat.

The snake's owner quickly sought help from the University of Adelaide, where the X-ray above was taken. The barbecue tongs are clearly visible, along with the body of the rat at the front end of the tongs.

After weighing the options, Dr. Oliver Funnell decided surgery was required. "We were able to remove them quite easily once we got the big end out," he said.

The python is expected to make a full recovery. The rat wasn't so lucky.

The tongs bulge within the python.University of Adelaide @uniofadelaide