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Tourists Tiptoe Across Transparent Bridge in China

A bridge made of wood and transparent plexiglass has been opened in a scenic valley in China's Hunan Province.
Plexiglass bridge offers skywalk in central China
Tourists walk carefully on a transparent section of a bridge in Shiniuzhai, a scenic spot in China's Hunan province, on Sept. 29, 2014.Jiao Zi / Imaginechina via AP

Don't look down!

On second thought, maybe visitors to this new bridge in central China should look down. The bridge stretches almost 1,000 feet - that's about the length of three football fields - across a canyon in Pingjiang county, with transparent plexiglass sections offering a spectacular view of the valley floor 600 feet below.

One more thing: Apparently the bridge is designed to sway in the wind. "I was fine at first but by the time I was a third of the way across I was just weak at the knees," 23-year-old visitor Yun Ku told reporters. "I had to go back when it started to move and needed a lot of coaxing from my boyfriend. I thought I was going to just melt on the spot. My legs wouldn't work."

Tourists walk carefully on a 300-meter long plexiglass bridge which hangs 180 meters above the ground in Shiniuzhai scenic spot, Pingjiang county, central Chinas Hunan province, 29 September 2014.Jiao Zi / Imaginechina via AP