What’s your best memory of the Summer Olympics?

Michael Phelps will once again be an Olympian to watch. Mark Humphrey / AP

The best athletes in the world are gathering in London for the 2012 Games. Swimmers, gymnasts, track stars, cyclists, weightlifters, boxers, basketball players and more are bringing their best game in hopes of taking home a medal.

It's impossible to think about the Olympics without remembering all the golden moments that have come before. We want to know your favorite memory of Summer Olympics past.

Did Olga Korbut or Nadia Comaneci make you start balancing on curbs and benches around your home and school? Was your heart in your throat when Kerri Strug made that vault on her injured ankle? Did the poster of Mark Spitz and all his medals inspire you to spend hours swimming laps? Did you cheer for the Dream Team? Root on Usain Bolt? Were you screaming like Michael Phelps when the U.S. relay team beat the trash-talking French? Or maybe your memory isn't from a sporting contest -- did you tear up when Muhammed Ali lit the Olympic cauldron in Atlanta?

Whether your memory is vintage or recent, and no matter what country, event, or athlete it involves, share it with us on Facebook. We'll collect the best for a post on Friday, the day of the opening ceremonies.

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