Will Ferrell will cook for you, dance for you – if you vote

Will Ferrell: I'll give you a tattoo if you vote

Will Ferrell is prepared to do whatever it takes to convince you to head to your nearest polling station on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

In a new video message for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, the "Saturday Night Live" alum details all the ways in which he'll pay back anyone who agrees to exercise his or her civic duty on Election Day.

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Looking extra-suave in a burgundy tuxedo jacket, a mustachioed Ferrell says he'll cook you "a home-cooked meal" ("I hope you like angel hair pasta!"), give you a tattoo, or treat you to a private showing of his signature choreography.

"That was just a taste," the comedian says after giving viewers a sampling of his fly dance moves. "If you want the full buffet, you're going to have to vote."

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Check out the entire hilarious PSA below: