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2012: Back to business

“The acrimonious presidential campaign eases back into action Monday after a weekend pause for the nation to absorb the shock of a horrific mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater,” the AP writes. “The massacre stalled a race for the White House that has become increasingly heated in recent weeks. President Barack Obama, Republican rival Mitt Romney and their advisers are now weighing how soon after the shootings to resume their attacks or whether to temper the tenor of the campaign.”

The New York Times: “President Obama came to [Aurora, CO] to meet with survivors of the shooting rampage at a movie theater last week, visiting the victims and their families and leading the country in mourning the 12 people killed in the attack. ‘Even in the darkest of days, life continues and people are strong,’ Mr. Obama said. He described sharing hugs, tears and laughs as he heard stories about loved ones lost and acts of heroism. ‘I come to them not so much as president as I do as a father and as a husband,’ he said.”

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday called for President Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to lead a national debate about gun control, so far a non-issue in the presidential campaign,” the Boston Globe writes. Bloomberg said: “Expressing sympathy is nice ... but somebody’s got to do something about this. And this requires, particularly in a presidential year, the candidates for president of the United States to stand up and once and for all say, yes, they feel terrible. Yes, it’s a tragedy. Yes, we have great sympathy for the families, but it’s time for this country to do something. And that’s the job of the president of the United States.”