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2012: Dueling speeches

“Mitt Romney is accusing President Barack Obama of failing to fulfill the campaign promises he made four years ago, as Obama warns Republicans would ‘gut’ support for federal programs such as education to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy,” Bloomberg writes. “In dueling swing-state speeches yesterday -- Obama’s in Elyria, Ohio, and Romney’s in Charlotte, North Carolina -- the president and his Republican challenger are sharpening their messages in the early weeks of the general election campaign.” (Here’s Romney’s prebuttal video.)

The New York Times’ full write-up of the most recent NYT/CBS poll, which finds Obama and Romney running neck and neck: “The general election match between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney is opening with evidence that economic conditions are providing ammunition for both candidates. For Mr. Obama, there is a gradually growing perception that the general outlook is turning brighter, and for Mr. Romney, there are those individuals who still do not feel substantial improvement in their own lives.”

Obama leads 46-42% in a new Quinnipiac poll.

“With native son Mitt Romney as the likely Republican nominee, the president's re-election prospects in Michigan once appeared grim,” the AP writes. “While the state economy has a long way to go to regain the 857,000 jobs it has lost since mid-2000, voters are telling pollsters they're starting to notice a subtle upswing -- and that could be good news for Obama.”

Romney leads in New Hampshire, 44-42%, according to a Dartmouth College poll.

The fight over Voter ID laws has become a multi-state, multi-million dollar fight with corporations financing both sides. Companies roped in, include Wal-Mart, AT&T, and Johnson & Johnson, Bloomberg reports.

Rick Perry says he would want to run again in 2016. He said the thing that hurt him most was his “heart” remarks, not “oops” as much.

The shenanigans in Michigan continue, as the GOP there is trying to make Santorum’s delegates uncommitted, which got Santorum’s lawyer involved.