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2012: Early Political Innings

 Happy Thursday! As we mentioned last week, Thursdays are our weekly assessment of the where the race stands. Per our baseball analogy, we are in the bottom of the first of our presidential coverage with a tied race! So shouldn’t one candidate have a greater lead over the other?

There are two ways to look at why this race is still tied:

After 3 bad months of the unemployment rate staying about 8% and a President who can’t keep his approval rating above 50% the doubters can’t figure out why Mitt Romeny isn’t ahead.

But, if you examine the flip side- it took much longer for Romney to beat a poor republican primary field and his campaign has had missteps. So shouldn’t one candidate be leading the other?

Before November months $2 Billion dollars will be spent to get the 10% of registered undecided voters to go one way or the other on Election day.

To get some perspective we talked to Politico’s Dave Catanese.