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2012: 'Start packing'

ROMNEY: His message for Obama yesterday in an interview with ABC was “start packing.” By the early evening, the Obama campaign had sent out an email trying to raise money off it.

The New York Daily News asks, “[A]way from the microphones, TV cameras, rapid response press releases and Twittersphere, where do the candidates stand when it comes to supporting stay-at-home mothers with policy?” It notes that Romney appears tied to the Paul Ryan budget, but “while Ryan's budget is quite popular among fiscal conservatives on, it's not the sort of spending blueprint that excites U.S. moms struggling to balance a household budget amidst skyrocketing gas prices and ballooning grocery bills, say some analysts,” especially considering it “would slash funding to many social programs that help families and mothers -- particularly single mothers -- including Head Start, child care subsidies, Pell grants for college and a variety of health-care programs.”

Romney leads in the debut of the Gallup Daily Tracking poll for the general election (47-45%), and trails in CNN and Reuters/Ipsos (though he made up ground in Reuters/Ipsos from the last time the poll was conducted).

“Stepping closer to becoming the Republican Party’s standard bearer, Mitt Romney will address GOP state party chairmen Friday at a meeting of the Republican National Committee in Arizona,” the Washington Post writes.

SANTORUM: “Rick Santorum pointedly declined Monday night to endorse presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, instead pointing out that he has not backed a candidate in the race and urging his supporters to vote their conscience,” the L.A. Times writes.