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47 billion shots already fired in 'Battlefield 3'

Battlefield 3 hasn't even officially launched yet and players have already made 1.5 BILLION kills. (Click the image above for a closer look.)EA/DICE

"Battlefield 3" hasn't even launched yet and already 47 billion shots have been fired in the highly anticipated military shooting game.

Or least, that's how many shots were fired during the open beta test for "Battlefield 3" — a test that involved some 8,125,310 players, according the developers at DICE.

As they gear up to launch the game for good next Tuesday Oct. 25, Electronic Arts and DICE have just released some interesting stats (see above graphic and follow this link) from the beta.

Perhaps the most interesting of them: There were 1.5 billion kills during the game. And one of those kills was a head shot fired from 635.6 meters away.

Though, it's worth noting that several players are now disputing that "longest headshot" statistic. One beta participant offered up this screenshot to prove he put a virtual bullet in a virtual brain from 737 meters away.

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