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5 more things about chimps

After watching Rachel's story about chimps last night, I discovered this:

1. Chimps can swing.  Monkeys? Not so much.

The upper body of an ape does not bend, the shoulder blades are back rather than on the sides, and they have long flexible arms and flexible elbows and wrists. Most monkeys cannot swing from branch to branch, as apes can, because their shoulder bones have a different structure. Instead, monkeys run along the tops of branches.

2. Chimps are bi-partisan problem solvers:

 Power-wielding coalitions are formed between individuals of both sexes. The ability for a male to enlist support during conflict is one of the most important factors in attaining and maintaining his rank. A male does not have to be the largest or the strongest of the group to attain alpha status – a smart, cunning male that knows how to manipulate social situations may gain the top position with the appropriate allies and friends. The alpha male typically keeps the peace in the group by settling disputes and maintaining social order. Most disputes within a community can be solved by threats rather than actual attacks.

3.  Pam (one of the chimps at Chimp Haven) is a Thinker.  

Pam is very loyal to the three other girls in her group and sticks up for her friends when the neighbors occasionally try to start a fight.  However, Pam has also been observed grooming the neighboring females gently with a stick. She likes to accessorize and carry purses or even wear articles of clothing around her neck . Pam is also a thinker, and can often be found deep in thought!

4.  Bob Barker is a Chimp Hero

Barker made a contribution of $230,000 to Chimp Haven to begin building bedrooms and a habitat for them. He is also underwriting the cost of their care for one year....“These chimpanzees have spent their entire lives on concrete in cages,” said Barker. “They will now be able to climb and swing and hoot through the forest-like surroundings of Chimp Haven. They are curious and smart and are expected to adapt well to their new surroundings.”

5.  Chimps are awesome painters.