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50 animated movies spoiled in three minutes

"Great. You just spoiled all the movies that I now have to watch with a 3 1/2-year old," said my boss/father of a 3 1/2 year-old, after I tricked him into watching "50 Animated Spoilers in Three Minutes," the latest rapid-fire plot-imploding effort from YouTube's the Fine Brothers.

Obviously my boss doesn't cotton to Science's new claim that spoilers actually make the story better. At least the Fine Brothers, who've spoiled 100 scary movies50 famous novelsChristmas, 47 years-worth of Dr. Who, all seven Harry Potter movies and so much more, have empirical data to support their good work.

Considering how much these two have ruined for everyone, it's impressive they're able to give away the endings of 50 animated movies without repeating a single one they've mucked up before.

"No movie is safe — from classic Pixar films to 'Shrek' to obscure favorites such as 'The Flight of Dragons,' 'Fluppy Dogs' and the animated version of 'The Hobbit,' " warns the post accompanying this video. I'm not sure which Fine Brother is Benny and which one is Rafi, but the brown-haired one sings a dead-on rendition of that stupid "Hobbit" song, and the blond-headed dude pays a tear-jerking homage to "Care Bears II." (Also, I have no proof they're actually brothers, but not everything has to be spoiled.)

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