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'Absolute Madness': Video Shows Teens Leaping Into Stormy Sea

As a broad swath of Britain braced for Storm Desmond, video footage showed two young men engaging in potentially lethal showboating.

Don't try this at home — or anywhere!

As a broad swath of Ireland braced for flooding, strong rain and fierce winds triggered by Storm Desmond, video footage shot in Galway captured two young men engaging in the old tradition of reckless, potentially lethal showboating.

Perched above ferocious seas, the bathing suit-clad teens can be seen leaping from the second level of a pier into Galway Bay. One back flips, while the other jumps feet first. Afterwards, they emerge from the water — seemingly unscathed — and dash for shore.

On Facebook, the man who posted the video, Cathal Devlin, offered it up as a warning.

"By posting this video of Storm Desmond in Salthill, Galway I wish to highlight the absolute madness and stupidity of what these youngsters are doing," he wrote. "I do not know if they are strong swimmers or not, that is not the case, if any one of them got into difficulties there was no one there to do anything for them. The voluntary and rescue services are kept busy enough without having to worry about this type of stupid behaviour."