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Ad spending crosses $600 million mark - half in Fla., Ohio, Va.

With new ad buys that came across last night from Crossroads GPS and Restore Our Future, TV and radio ad spending for the presidential election has now crossed the $600 million mark.

Grand total ad spending: $605.7 million

The Romney campaign and outside groups supporting him continue to outspend the Obama campaign and its supporters, but the Obama campaign has poured in more than $8 million in just the past week.

Team Romney $318.5 million
Team Obama $287.2 million 

More than half of all the money spent is in just three states – Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. And in those states, Team Obama leads.

Florida: $121 million (Team Obama $60.7 million -- Team Romney $60.3 million)
Ohio: $116.9 million (Team Obama $63.6 million – Team Romney $53.3 million)
Virginia: $90 million (Team Obama $47.9 million – Team Romney $42.4 million) 

So $327 million spent in three states – that’s 54 percent of all ad money spent.


This past week has also seen double the spending in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan's home state. Wisconsin has been -- and continues to be -- in the Toss Up column in the NBC Battleground Map, but it is now just seeing real action from the campaigns, including a visit to Milwaukee by President Obama next Saturday.