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Afghan Taliban Releases Video of Captive U.S. and Australian Professors

It is unclear when and where, and under what conditions the recording was made. The professors were abducted in August.

The Afghan Taliban on Wednesday released a new video it said was of a pair of professors from the U.S. and Australia who were abducted in Kabul and held since Aug. 7.

It is unclear where, when and under what conditions the new video was made.

The American University of Afghanistan professors were snatched as they sat in their car following classes at the campus in Kabul. They have not been named publicly on the request of authorities.

U.S. special operations forces raided a compound in September looking for the kidnapped professors, but after a gun battle that left a half-dozen militants dead they discovered the professors were not at the location in Jalalabad, a senior defense official told NBC News at the time.

The Afghan Taliban has taken Western hostages in the past. In December the Taliban released a propaganda video showing an American woman and her Canadian husband held hostage since late 2012. They have two children, both born in captivity.

A Canadian held hostage by the group for five years was freed in early January of 2016.