Amanda Knox’s Ex Says Evidence Points to His Innocence

Amanda Knox's former Italian boyfriend said Tuesday he hopes the Court of Cassation will rule he deserves yet another trial and throw out the 25-year sentence he received in January from a Florence appeals court.

In that ruling, a judge convicted both Raffaele Sollecito and Knox for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, 21. His lawyers will stress apparent contradictions in the Florence court's verdict explanation. That court signaled it believed a memo Knox wrote, while being held for questioning, in which she indicates Sollecito had no role in the murder.

"She herself lets me off the hook and gives me an alibi," Sollecito, 30, said. He noted the court accepted findings that a Knox text message, shortly before the murder, to the owner of a Perugia pub where she worked, had been sent while outside Sollecito's house.

Flanked by his lawyers in Rome, he stressed what he described as his steadfast belief in the innocence of Knox, whom he had been dating for barely a week when Kercher was slain in Perugia.

Amanda Knox’s lawyer: ‘There is no new evidence’ 3:20


—The Associated Press